Why Are Women Attracted To Married Men?

By First Posted: Sep 18, 2009 Fri 6:42 PM Updated: Sep 18, 2009 Fri 6:46 PM
Why Are Women Attracted To Married Men?
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Almost every married woman will vouch for the insecurity and jealousy she nurses regarding her husband. Why are married women so insecure? At some level deep down in their hearts, they know that their husbands are very attractive to other women.

But why? In a society that is largely monogamous, do we really need to worry about our husbands falling prey to the charms of other women? Seemingly, we do. We conducted a little survey and found some interesting, funny and whacky answers to this age old question. Here are a few of reasons why women are attracted to married men:

• It is human nature to covet that which is unavailable. So women covet husbands of other women!

• Married men do not hit on every woman they meet. Since they come across as less desperate, they seem to be confident. Confidence is a very attractive quality in men.

• When a man gets married, he proves to the world (and all the women in it) that he is not scared of commitment. A guy who is not afraid of the “M word” is very attractive.

• Married men have an advantage over the single ones. They have already been selected by their wives and this proves that they are husband material.

• Most married men have been domesticated by their wives to some extent. This means they can be really useful to have around oneself. It makes more sense to have such a guy instead of settling down with a newbie that you will have to train from the beginning!

Women who are insecure about their own desirability are often attracted to married men. It seems to such women that it would be easier to attract a vulnerable married man as compared to a single hot guy.

• Usually married men are rich! Better to hook on to a married guy with deep pockets, rather than a single one who’s broke.

• Ensnaring a married man is a huge ego trip. It proves that you are more attractive, smart, romantic etc than the wife! Again, this is a sign of basic insecurity.

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