What Goes Around Comes Around: the tale of a painter

By Posted: Aug 17, 2009 Mon 9:06 PM
What Goes Around Comes Around: the tale of a painter

MF Hussain sees nothing wrong in painting nude pictures of women, be they ordinary womenfolk or be they Hindu Godesses. A woman's body is a piece of art to this senior painter, most known for his nude paintings.

But tables seem to have turned on Mr. hussain as he has now been painted doing a full monty himself!

After decades of depicting women in the nude, including Bharatmata and many Hindu goddesses, on his canvas, the controversial master artist has been painted in the buff by a young amateur artist from Delhi.
Ironically, the artist shows a woman painting the nude master!

The artist, Dr Pravana Prakash, an Institute of Management Technology (IMT) graduate from Ghaziabad, has created a canvas that shows a woman artist painting Hussain, as he stands framed against his trademark works. In the painting, Hussain is depicted standing with a weasel and a palette. And the artist's inspiration for this controversial painting seems to be a group of woman painters who had taken offence at the master's depiction of the fairer sex in uncompromising positions.

The exhibition, inaugurated on Independence Day, at All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS), Connaught Place, is attracting eyeballs. The nude Hussain is in the spotlight. Rakhi Kapoor, a student of Fine Arts from Delhi University, visiting the exhibition, said, "MF Hussain has been known for his controversial paintings. Now he has been painted in the same frame. This should make him stop depicting others in a derogatory manner."

But not everybody is happy with the controversial canvas. Another visitor, a student of National Museum Institute, said, "Everybody has the freedom of expression but this is not the right way. Male nude is hardly attractive."

Interestingly, Dr Prakash's paintings were rejected by many galleries before AIFACS stepped forward. "Most were too scared to take on an artist of Hussain's stature," said Dr Prakash.

Seriously, what goes around, comes around!

Source: Mid-Day

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