10 Things Women Like To Hear

By First Posted: Aug 6, 2008 Wed 8:18 PM Updated: Aug 6, 2008 Wed 8:21 PM
10 Things Women Like To Hear
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It is difficult for men to understand or analyze women. The simple reason is that women are much more complex than men are. Both the sexes are different not only in needs, aspirations and personalities, they also exhibit different behaviors. This is why most men find it difficult to make friends with women. Women tend to say one thing, and mean another.

Are there any particular words that turn women on? Can men say a few sentences and hit it off with an unknown women? Can a guy keep his wife happy, just by saying the right things at the right times? YES. Here are top 10 things that women like to hear, and every man should say…

1. You Are So Beautiful: Yes, she will believe you if you say it convincingly enough. Just like every mother thinks that she has the most beautiful child in the world, your woman would like you to believe that she’s the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

2. You Are Prettier/Smarter Than Your Friends: This is not only a complement for her good looks or intellect, but is also a comparison in which she wins. If you give similar complements to her, she is less likely to be insecure about you.

3. Thank You Honey: A simple thank-you works very well where women are concerned. All through the day, they do so much for their men and families. They do deserve thanks, at the very least, Right?

4. Where Would I Be Without You?: It’s true, you wouldn’t know what to do if it were not for the women in your life. Appreciate her. Value her.

5. You Are Really Smart: Even though men like to think differently, women can be much smarter than men too. If she can work up her hisaab-kitaab much quicker than you do, don’t feel embarrassed. Appreciate her brains.

6. You Belong To Me: When a man says these words to a woman, he is asserting their mutual love and bond. This is an unspoken bond of commitment and fidelity. No woman wants a guy who is ready to share her with someone else.

7. You Make The Best Food In The World: This just tells her that finally you see her as a competent cook. Without actually saying so, you tell her that she need not fear any competition from your mom in the kitchen.

8. Tell Me What You Are Thinking: Usually it’s the women pestering men to share their thoughts. But when you find her in a pensive mood, do ask her what she’s thinking. She’ll be delighted to know that you care enough to want to know.

9. Are You Having A Good Time?: She would like to believe and know that you care for her happiness. Show her by asking her if she’s enjoying every now and then. If you go for a picnic or a holiday, ask her if she’s having a good time. Is there something else she’d like to do?

10. I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With You: This one is the best where it comes to becoming close with a woman. Almost all women look for commitment eventually. The only hitch is that you might end up hurting feelings if you don’t really mean this. So use it only when you mean it.

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