Is “He” Marriage Material? (Part II)

By First Posted: Mar 26, 2008 Wed 8:30 PM Updated: Mar 26, 2008 Wed 8:40 PM
Is “He” Marriage Material? (Part II)
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If you are reading this article, either you already have doubts about your guy being the ‘right guy’; or you just want to be sure that you are on right track. But either ways, one thing is certain. You see your current relationship as a long-term one and probably are interested in a life long commitment. So it is very important to evaluate if he’s on the right track with you or not. Is he just looking for a short and satisfying relationship, or is he also looking for something long-term? You need to tackle this issue even before you evaluate his worthiness as the ‘ideal husband material’.

So maybe you should be having the “where is this relationship going” conversation with him, before you start fast forwarding into dreams about your future together. Here are another couple of things that you should look for when choosing a husband. Remember, this is a life-long commitment. So you have to be absolutely sure, at least on points that matter the most to you.

Does He Make You Happy? If you are considering spending your life with this guy, he should know how to keep you happy. Go for the guy who’ll go to any lengths just to see a smile across your face. But if you are with a guy who cares for his own happiness more than yours, it’s time to chuck him out.

Does He Appreciate You? Regular compliments are important to cheer you up and make you feel cherished and special. Sometimes, men do appreciate, but are not vocal about their appreciation. If you are with this ‘silent’ kinda guy, try to get him to be more vocal about things. You could start by paying a few compliments yourself.

Does His Interest In You Change With The Size Of Your Jeans? Some men are so pathetic that all they see in a woman is her body. If she gains a few pounds, they pretend to not to know her. If you think that your guy belongs to this category, get rid of him, NOW!

Can You Depend On Him? For men to be good husbands and good fathers, it is very important that they be dependable. He should be so responsible that you can count on him to take care of everything. If he’s as careless about things as an 8 year old, he’s probably not at the marrying stage in life yet.

Can You Trust Him? Most women tend to forgive and forget the mistakes their men make. But there has to be a limit. You cannot be expected to spend your life forgiving and forgetting. So if you catch him cheating on you, or lying to you, or hiding things from you, don’t take it lying down. Do something about it. If he can do it once, he can do it again (especially if he knows there won’t be any serious consequences).

Are You Good Friends? For a successful marriage, it is important that the two partners be good friends. Chemistry and other stuff are important, but friendship is the glue that will hold you together through tough times. Choose the guy that you are completely comfortable with. You should be able to share and talk about everything under the sun with this guy.

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