Wanna Find Someone To Date? (Part I)

By First Posted: Mar 6, 2008 Thu 5:31 PM Updated: Mar 6, 2008 Thu 5:50 PM
Wanna Find Someone To Date? (Part I)
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Falling in and out of love is a very common thing these days. So much so, that most young adults have already been in and out of a couple of relationships before they are ready to tie the knot. Finding someone to date is easy enough when you are young and raring to go. The college is such a vast ground to meet and choose your boyfriend/girlfriend. But once you are done with college, the number of new people you can meet and date reduces drastically.

For people who are single and ready to mingle, meeting new people is an absolute must. If you have been wondering where this pool of ‘new people’ from the opposite sex is, we’ve got some tips for you. Here is a list of places where you can meet interesting people of the opposite sex. Not only can you ask them out on dates (or make them ask you out!), you might even find your soul mate in one of these places. So what say? Wanna give it a shot?

Coffee Shops: This is the modern invention of a consumerist society that makes you pay out of your nose, for something as simple as coffee! What most people don’t realize is the absolute potential of coffee shops as a meeting ground for the opposite sexes. Just go to a coffee shop with a couple of your friends and relax. While you are at it, look around for singles. Surely, you can spot them in any crowd, right? Even if you are not sure, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Hit The Gym: This is another great place to meet people. As you workout, keep your eyes open for any potential dates. If you find someone you like, try to establish a rapport. Begin with smiles, hellos and ‘good morning’ etc. Follow it up with a little chit-chat. Crack a joke. After you think that the other person is comfortable with you, try to get around to the real stuff- ask him out.

Get More Education: Education doesn’t hurt anyone, right? So sign up for an evening course at the college or university near your place. Once again, you’ll find yourself in the perfect spot to meet singles. What say?

Take Up A Hobby Or A Sport: It could be a guitar class, or a salsa class. You could join a sports club or a take up membership at a swimming pool. These activities are not only good pastimes for chilling out, but also provide endless opportunities to meet singles.

Wedding Bums: Weddings and other celebrations are a big opportunity where you can meet like minded people of the opposite sex. Remember how Prem found his lady love at his brother’s wedding? Maine Pyaar Kiya, yaar!!!!

Catch ‘Em Online: There are countless dating sites, personals networks, social networking sites etc on the net. No matter how shy or unapproachable you are, you are bound to find someone on the net!

Once you have found someone you like, you need to zero in on your choice and take things forward. Not sure how to do that? Hang on! Just watch out for our next article in this series and learn how to ‘take things further’.

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