Meditation On The Go!

By First Posted: Aug 20, 2007 Mon 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Saasu Maa has ruined yet another day of yours by bickering about how much mirchi the sabzi has. You think to yourself "Why cant she make the sabzi herself if I make it so bad?" Then she adds oil to the fire by saying "Hamare zamaane mein to hum kitni acchi sabzi banaate the"This time you cannot restrain yourself and you vent your frustration in a volley of defensive answers and there starts yet another round of cold war. The tension at home is palpable and you wish you could fly away to Goa!

You can fly away without having to pay. The answer is Meditation. It is an easy and quick route to improved health and happiness. Not to mention a more youthful appearance! It is a proven stress buster and people who meditate are known to have fewer hypertension problems and a calm and balanced outlook towards life.

So often we have read and heard about how meditation is so beneficial to health and the positive impact it has on our lives. Yet, in our oh-so-busy lives, we rarely are able to take out those precious 15-20 minutes of quiet time to indulge in this very important and invigorating activity that can change our lives so dramatically. The fault probably may not lie within us. This is because of the pressures we face day-to-day, the number of people we interact with as well as the deadlines we face.

To such people who are always hard pressed for time, this article may help. We are talking about mediation for busy people. Mediation On The GO! ``

The best technique is meditation while walking. This can be done when you do your morning walk, or when you are walking to take the bus or train to work. Walking meditation is a very powerful technique. To do it, just start concentrating on your breath while walking. Take long deep breaths, hold for a count of three and release your breath slowly. While you exhale, make it to a count of six before you inhale again.

If your mind deviates from your breath, dont fret about it. Just bring your attention back to your breath and resume inhaling deeply, holding to a count of three and exhale deeply counting till six.

As we improve our concentration, we start developing the qualities of nature itself, such as peace, placidity, softness, calmness, gentleness, humility, gratitude and enhanced clarity. Walking meditation enhances the vibrations under our feet, spreading these positive energies over the earth, which not only refreshes our mind-body but transforms our surroundings too.

You may begin with walking in the now for 15 minutes and gradually increase your timings. An hour daily is best. Walking single, encourages the meditative state as walking in a group may lead to conversations and distract you. However, walking in a group can be a wonderful way of practicing Walking Meditation if everyone chooses to retain their individual meditative states. Moreover walking meditation should be for the sake of walk and not to get anywhere. Even if you have a destination, do not let it concern you, so that only walking remains!

So next time saasu ma cribs about the mirchi in the sabzi, give her a taste of sabzi gujju style.

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