Domesticate Your Husband

By First Posted: Jun 29, 2007 Fri 10:30 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2007 Fri 12:26 AM

Shiela is constantly arguing with her husband of three years, Shirish. Her regular complaint is that he never listens to her or does things the way she wants him to. And he never sides with her when Monster-in-law gives her trouble. Yesterday after a particularly nasty screaming session, Shiela exasperated Even Bud, the dog is better than you!!!

This brings us to the all important question, Is the wild husband much different from an untamed animal?

A school of Memsaabs believe that husbands can be trained to be obedient and loving just like other animals. Domesticating a husband is not very different from domesticating an animal. Love, appreciation, carrot and stickall go a long way in turning your antagonistic hubby into the loving partner you desire. Aurton ka hai zamaana, yeh husband ko padta hai sikhana!!! If you feel like your squabbles may turn into the third World War, you may want to try domesticating your man.

Reward Your Way To Becoming His Queen

Every time he does something right, you need to reward him and show him that this behavior will be appreciated and expected again. So if he brings you roses or a sari one evening, before doing anything else reward him amply and show your positive reception of the gesture. Simple Thank You se kaam nahi chalta aajkal!!! If you want the right behaviors and actions to be reinforced, rewards are the way to go. Soon you will find him trying to exhibit behaviors that will make you [his Queen] happy.

The Carrot Must Be Accompanied By The Stick

Positive reinforcements alone cannot get you the desired results. So sometimes you need to give him negative feedback and negative results arising out of his behavior. If he sides with his mom every time you fight with her, show him the consequences of it. Screaming or sulking is not the way to go here. Men have an inbuilt ability to deal with these. The things that really irk them are things like not getting meals on time. Or having to launder/iron/select their own clothes for the day. Such simple aberrations can make them really repent their actions.

But it is always more advisable to use the carrot. The stick should be used under extreme circumstances. Just remember how pet trainers train pets. The same principles can be applied to the domestication of a husband. Try these and you can look forward to a lasting happy marriage bole to apun bhi khush, who bhi khush!!!

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